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Driving Service Delivery through Advocacy

At BudgIT, our primary intent is to simplify the budget and make it readily available to everyone. Usually,  capital projects listed in the budget gives a sense of belonging to the citizens as they bring about development to the communities when implemented.

However, the reoccurrence of the numerous capital projects listed and not executed led to the emergence of a new tracking tool- Tracka. As an application, an online platform was launched on the 22nd of July 2014 to create access to data for active citizens interested in following the budgetary provisions for projects in their communities.The platform while leveraging on open data and the influence of an active, existing social media presence, will bring people with common interests together to share photos, videos, documents and also post comments on existing projects.

To achieve the programme goals, we have engaged tracking officers to monitor grassroots projects in different communities and partnered with Civil Society Organisations across the Federation to am aid projects completion. This approach encourages both an online and offline engagement to form robust discussions on projects as well as emanate a sense of responsibility for the bodies- executive and legislative, responsible for their execution.

The platform liaises on the use of interactive tools- The Web, Mobile web, Applications and SMS to encourage citizens to track public projects and report on-the-ground performance to institutions. It also allows citizens to engage the responsible institutions directly.

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