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Observing Capital Projects in Ondo state.

As part of the effort to promote transparency and accountability the Tracka team is tracking the 2015 constituency project in Ondo state. So far, we have tracked 24 projects in 16 local communities within 3 Senatorial districts across the State.  Of the total projects followed,  only 8 has been completed, and other 16 abandoned projects.

A field visit to Atosin community to observe the N8 million project, a completion of the medium health center. To our satisfaction, it has been completed, and the indigenes are pleased over the health facility and are eagerly waiting for it to be functional. They believe better access to health care will reduce the rates of child mortality in Atosin Area.

 Atosin Basic-Medium Health Certer
Atosin Basic-Medium Health Center

The team observed another finished project in Isuwada Community, the provision of solar street light at a cost of N15 million, perhaps a little overpriced but it has since boosted security measures and improved the living conditions of the People.


 Solar Street Light In Isuada
Solar Street Light In Isuada

Lamentably, our visit to another community in Ondo West- Olorunda wasn’t as commendable as the previous communities.  A N5.5 million renovation project of the Olurunda Ward 4 LA Primary School was made in the 2015 FG budget. However, this school remains an eyesore, and the endangered pupils take daily lessons in a dilapidated structure. The HeadMistress, Mrs. Omopekun, and other school teachers bitterly complain about the state of facilities in the learning center and urges the government to intervene.

                                           LA PRY SCHOOL, OLORUNTEDO,

Given some of the challenges observed in the course of tracking projects in Ondo State, We noticed issues of theft in the community solar boreholes and machines. There is no proper monitoring and lack of maintenance to ensure the sustainability of the projects. In some cases, indigenes prefer to have manual boreholes, these they believe will last longer than the counterfeit solar borehole provisions.

The team going forward will continually engage community members through town hall meetings, enlighten them on the budgetary allocations to their respective areas and charge them to engage their representatives in the National Assembly to ensure projects implementation.

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