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Gombe Residents Laments as Erosion Prunes Communities.


Field report from Gombe State highlights of the 24 projects tracked from the 2015 constituency projects, 11 projects across the states has reached completion, and at least 13 projects are undone.

Gombe State accommodates at least 2 million  Nigerians, located in the northeastern part of the country; Tracka team visited the State to observe the status of budgeted projects across the communities.

Our aim is to empower the indigenes with interpreted budgetary information to enhance their understanding of relevant public data, demand for transparency and better service delivery.

An attempt to track the implementation of the N10 million Erosion Control project at the Pokwangli community, Kaltungo local government area, was thwarted as the project site remained vacant. The residents of this area whined and expressed how the government has disregarded their many cries for help over the years.

Erosion has declined living conditions, affecting everyone including their roads, schools, hospitals some residential areas. Engagement with some Leaders in the community gave a clearer picture of the ordeals of the people.


According to Mr. Tambari Zaria during raining season, the entire town is flooded, and children are unable to attend classes. The Head of the Community, Mr. Tambari Zaria laments saying  “ We the people of Pokwangli has suffered from this erosion for years each time the government makes promises, but nothing is yet to be done. We are helpless, our heart is broken, and our community is gradually being eaten up by erosion.”

Our team held a town hall meeting with residents of the Pokwangli community, enlightening them about the zonal intervention project by the Federal Government, provided the contact details of their Representative at the National Assembly advised them to engage them to ensure project implementation.

We believe dissecting relevant information into bit empowers citizens and also stimulates advocacy drive in the grassroots.


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  1. Cletus


    When you said “thwarted”, I had the impression that some highly placed persons were out to stop your organisation from tracking the project, and I really was interested to know who, why and how. ….. Your organisation is doing a great service to this nation. Please keep it up.

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