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An Ugly Sight of Roads in Erah Community In Owan East LGA, Edo.

Our focus at Tracka is to ensure service delivery through citizens engagement and grassroot advocacy in the rural community to enlighten people on how taxpayers money are spent.

In spite of the many campaigns promises made by the politicians before elections, many rural communities in Edo State still lack access to essential amenities such as good roads, health facilities, water, and electricity.  

Our team has covered at least ten communities to oversee the state of capital projects allocated to the areas. The number of neglected projects in Owan East and Owan West Local Government Areas are alarming.  Stories from members of the two communities show they have similar issues and highlights the hardships of the everyday people.

A visit to the Erah Community to observe the construction of the N150 million Afuze Erah Road which was provided for in the 2015 budget and re-captured in the 2016 Edo State budget. As at April 2016, there was no work in progress, and the condition of the road has worsened due to the rainy season which has increased the size of the river by the road.

Afuze Erah Road
Afuze Erah Road.

Erah community is connected by a poor earth road that gives access to and out of the area, and it is void of any real infrastructure, with poor access to water and no decent community school.  Traders in the community are unable to conduct their businesses and residents are often left to fix the road in their little capacity to access the other two communities Olelo and Ugbovbighan.

The village head, Chief Isah Oseni revealed most of the residents are farmers and experience a great difficulty transporting their products to the market due to the bad road network. With better access to other communities, the farm businesses will thrive and create more economic fortune for the related societies.

There will be continuous engagement with the community members and advocacy driven letters to the public officials in the state to ensure the implementation of this project which is of great importance to the Edo communities.

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