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Tracka Engages Ondo Residents On 2016 Budget Provisions.

Tracka Engages Ondo Residents On 2016 Budget Provisions

A core part of our work at Tracka revolves around the providing citizen’s access to the budget in an easy to read and understandable format to make them vanguards of service delivery in their respective communities. We believe the budget should reflect the most critical needs of the people and projects must be implemented as defined in the budget.

Tracka Officers, Kehinde Babatunde and Damilola Agunloye visited Bagbe Oloruntedo Community on Thursday, 17th November to engage the people on the FG’s zonal intervention projects apportioned to them. They include- a.Construction of one block of six (6) classrooms with headmaster’s office at L.A PRY. SCH. Oloruntedo ward 4 Ondo West LGA, Ondo State for N20 000, 000 and

  1. Renovation of schools in Idanre, Ondo East and Ondo West in  Ondo Central Senatorial district, Ondo State for N28, 800, 000

    L.A PRY. SCH. Oloruntedo
    L.A PRY. SCH. Oloruntedo

The meeting commenced by 12:00 pm with an opening prayer held by one of the chiefs at the King’s palace. The Monarch of the community- King Khalil Adewumi introduced Tracka team to his subjects and briefly explained the purpose of our visit.

Our Project Officer, Kehinde shed light on the budgeting processes, the importance of actively engaging their elected representatives at the National Assembly to ensure service delivery and informed them about the provisions to Oloruntedo Community. According to her, the people must become involved with appropriate public officials to ensure the implementation of these projects within the budget cycle.

We observed members of the Oloruntedo Community were ignorant of the focus provisions. They asked to know how their most pressing projects such a health care facility and connecting roads can be covered in the budget, and Tracka team advised them to engage their Representatives at the National Assembly to make provisions for these projects in the 2017 Budget.

Citizens must continuously advocate for the development of their respective communities and be actively engaged in the monitoring of projects to ensure they are up to specified standards.

The meeting ended at 1:20 pm with an appreciation message by the King and  People of the community who vow to firmly follow up on the 2016 provisions now that they are better informed.

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  1. Contributor j . O. Lucky

    Contributor j . O. Lucky

    Hello, My fellows concern citizen, this is an interesting programme, but my question is, can d tracka+ extend their investigation to local government own project to rural communities

  2. Contributor j . O. Lucky

    Contributor j . O. Lucky

    I so much have interest in this project of transparency and accountability in our government

  3. Ibrahim sadiq

    Ibrahim sadiq

    hey tracka+ you guys are doing a great job. please keep it up. please I will like to get a report from Niger state. zone B to be precise.

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