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Kalanjeni is a village found in Tangaza local government of Sokoto state, the agrarian community solely depends on farming as the only means of survival.

Primary Health Care is meant to ensure quality basic health care, services are delivered to the residents and ensuring all citizens stay healthy and get care when they need it but the story is different in Kalanjeni village. In the 2012 federal government budget, there was a provision of the construction of Primary Health Care in Kalanjeni by Honorable Isah Salihu which couldn’t see the light of the day. The project was abandoned for about 5 years, this showcase that the fund has been misappropriated.


Picture of the abandoned project


Town Hall Meeting: Project tracking officer distributed tracka publication as contained in 2017 budget at Kalanjeni community. The team sensitized the community on the completion of 40 million naira Primary Health Care in Kalanjali which was initiated by the same honorable in 2012 Federal Government budget. In the course of the advocacy 10th  May 2017, the project tracking officer discovered that the Primary Health Care he initiated in 2012 remained abandoned while he still initiated another 30 million naira construction of Primary Health Care in 2016 and was completed the same year.This might surprise you to know that the Primary Health Care was recaptured in the 2017 Federal Government budget again as completion for 40 million naira.

Kalanjeni Community members with TRACKA Project Tracking officer 

“he couldn’t finish the first project he initiated 2012, 2016 and it was completed and he initiated another in 2017 which couldn’t serve the purpose of our community,” said Sani Dan’atule speaking about Honourable Isah Salihu


This is a community that couldn’t have access to any healthcare service nearby. In any occurrences of serious sickness, the patients have to travel 60 kilometers to gain medical attention in Sokoto metropolis.

BudgIT Project tracking officer (PTO)   Grace Godwin revisited the community on the 17th January 2018 to monitor the project, discovered that the primary health care was constructed but drugs or equipment were not supplied.The Primary Health Care is under lock and key.

Conclusively, the residents express dissatisfaction over the development as infants and child mortality raises in their community. The demand the authority concern to act urgently to the plight of their community.

Newly constructed in 2016 PHC Kalanjeni community

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