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Kano School Where Students Sit on Bare Floor

Congestion, lack of furniture and deplorable condition of learning has been the lot of a public school in Gawo, a village located in Kura Local Government Area, Kano State where the major economic activity is rice farming.

Tracka, a platform which seeks to address lack of information on budget formulation and execution in Nigeria by empowering citizens to demand transparency and accountability from political office holders, launched a sensitization campaign led by the Kano State Project Tracking Officer (P.T.O), Dallas Wutana.

During the sensitization campaign, Wutana educated members of the community on their rights, urging them to scrutinize details of budget allocation for constituency projects by monitoring and evaluating the state of the project on a consistent basis.

The sensitization provided information on the 2017 budget line item of the construction of 1 classroom block. During an earlier visit to the community, the  P.T.O sighted pupils sitting on the bare floor during classes, this triggered the necessary needs for quality implementation of this project.

When the PTO revisited Gawo community, Malam Shamsudeen Isah, the new principal of the school expressed concern on the condition of the existing classrooms as over 100 pupils are crowded in a class, giving rise to congestion. A single junior secondary school serves the entire Gawo community and other neighboring communities where students have to walk a long distance in order to gain access to the school. Malam Isah further stressed the need for the supply of furniture and chairs as he believes that the 13 million involved in the school project should be enough to construct and furnish the single block of classrooms.

                                                      Students sit on bare floor


Mr. Suleiman, the secretary of Education, Kura Local Government Area who expressed satisfaction with the sensitization programme encouraged intensive follow-up on the school project in order to ensure a speedy implementation.


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