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Tracka Launches “Town Hall Proximity Meetings” Across Nigeria

Expanding the reach of our community engagement activities, Tracka has launched “Proximity Meetings” holding across urban and rural communities in Nigeria.

Tracka announced April 16, 2019, on Twitter:

In Nigeria, constituency projects are meant to drive national development by addressing the core needs of the public especially those at rural communities. Unfortunately, these projects have become avenues for massive corruption, as projects are fondly abandoned or executed with poor materials.

For instance, we tracked a total of 1,228 in the 2017 budget for constituency projects to verify the budget implementation as of June 2018. Out of these, 478 were completed, 173 in unspecified locations, 200 ongoing,  13 abandoned, while 364 were not started.

Cross session from Proximity Town Hall Meeting in Ijoko, Ogun State

The need to intensify efforts on project monitoring and indeed community engagement is as clear as day. For this reason, Tracka is expanding the scope of its engagement to catapult its reach and increase the number of “active citizens” across the country.

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